death for pleasure (0omayetteo0) wrote,
death for pleasure


Why are there people who ACTUALLY PRETEND they are some other person?

I was just browsing through my friendster account while killing time at RSF. I started checking out the "Who's Viewed me" Feature. Then I saw this pic of Mikoy and me. The name of the account was "chill" and since Mikoy was the tyoe of person who'd use 'chill' as an expression, I thought it was his friendster account and opened it.  TAPOS!!

I found out that the account was not connected to me. Also, the general profile stuff don't match with Mikoy's actual info. (in short, di si mikoy yon) When I looked at the photo again, its caption said: "Marc and Me."


Putanginang tao yon! what the hell? At bakit naman sa lahat ng tao, pic ko pa ang gusto niyang kunin unless may balak siyang masama diba?!?!? Ang loooooooooooooooooooseeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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