death for pleasure (0omayetteo0) wrote,
death for pleasure

oops! my obligatory grad post :)

Graduation day...

Just like what everyone else said:

The place was packed, parking was horrible. It was hot and we were all sweating like pigs. There wasn't enough time to take photos with friends. 

I say:

My feet hurt like hell and after the ceremony I felt too tired to pick a restaurant where we'll eat dinner. Especially because early morning the next day, I had to attend a conference in Los Baños (where on my way, got lost about 3 times..which is so unlike me, maybe more like Pau) heheh amishu!

But all these can't change the fact that I've been smiling inside the whole day and perhaps even the night before, when I learned that my dad will ACTUALLY attend the baccalaureate mass. He doesnt like being with so many people (especially just to hear mass in school) and so he just passes the invitation to my lola.  It was always like that with my other sisters. He would usually prefer being the driver than having to smile with the other parents (maybe). So, going there with both my mom and dad is just so... pleasant. Then during the ceremony itself, I was more surprised to see him sitting with my grandmother and mom. I'm sure he gave the reserved seat to my lola so he must have sat alone in the general admission the whole time. Aww... my daddy wuuvs me so much he didnt mind being a loner there at the back. 

Although I wish Ate Millet was there too, since she paid for my college tuition (Until now I dont understand how she's just so kind, she volunteered to do it even if my parents never asked her to) but then again I wouldn't want a very pregnant woman to sit there the whole afternoon and endure the heat in the covered courts. Ate Detdet and Ate Tonette was able to watch my graduation while at the office through the internet. Hahah thanks to that pauso of ADMU. Detdet texted me everytime she saw me there. "Nakita kita sa likod ni Wilvin!" and "Corny ng bow! panget mo!". How very endearing.  Now how about my eldest sister? Well, nevermind. She was psycho enough to ruin my Thursday evening, so to hell with her. Hahah. 

What a memorable day that was. *sigh   
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